Books are never created in a vacuum. There have been so many influences on my thinking since I started working as an informal educator, it would be impossible to acknowledge them all individually. Instead, I have resorted to thanking three groups of people who have supported this book.

I am grateful to my friends and colleagues for helping me to develop these ideas. They have shown great patience at my writing pace and have never lost faith that, one day, a book might finally emerge. It seems invidious to single anyone out, but Debbie Syrop deserves a particular mention for her remorseless encouragement.

To the many informal educators I have been fortunate enough to train over the years, I owe a debt of gratitude. I’ve learnt so much from working with you and from your feedback.

Finally, I want to thank my beta readers for the time they generously gave to this book and for their insightful comments, honesty and support:

Caroline Ainslie; Sal Bell Alper; Yolanda Alverez; Brian Anderson; Alexandra Anghelescu; Rachel Ayrton; Dr Yael Barel-Ben David; Kate Beales; Olle Bergman; Siân Bevan; Alex Brown; Carol Brown; Venessa Bunton; Dr Anthony Caldwell; Jeff Christensen; Jonah Cohen; Sarah Cruise; Caoimhín de Bhailís; Mike Dennis; John Downey; Małgorzata Dubilis; Ian Dunne; Neil Dymond-Green; Rhiannon Evans; Dr Ken Farquhar; Dr Helen Featherstone; Terence Finnegan; Dr Derek Fish; Grace Fisher; Dr Rowena Fletcher-Wood; Greg Foot; Naomi Foster; Eddie Goldstein; Sean Greer; David Hall; Ian Hands-Portman; Dr Felix Ho; Serah Hoeks; Mona Holmø; Lisa Horsley; Dr Gill Humes; Peter Hyldgård; Dr Ruth Jarman; Colin Johnson; Siddharth Kankaria; Neil Kelso; Gill King; Hannah Lacey; Dr Cristina Lagido; Robinn Lange; Rhiana Laws; Adam Love-Rodgers; Mark Macleod; Brian Mackenwells; Dr Martin McHugh; Laura McKay; Dr Maria Teresa Menna; Neil Monteiro; Dr Sally Montgomery; Harri “Heko” Montonen; Prof Jacqui Mulville; Marilena Pace; James Piercy; Kjartan Poskitt; David Price; Tom Pringle; Dr Matt Pritchard; Chris Reina; Jay Ridgewell; Elin Roberts; Jax Rohen; Dr Kirsty Ross; Ian Russell; Wendy Sadler; Jonathan Sanderson; Danny Schlesinger; Alom Shaha; Dr Anita Shaw; Dr Jenny Shipway;  Ian Simmons; Natasha Simons; Chris Snowden; Dr Nick Spicher;  Dr Aimee Stapleton; Anna Starkey; Dorothy Svgdik; Dr Robert Tauber; Nick VanAcker; Dr Eileen Van der Flier-Keller; Marcus Weber; Harry White; Dr Bella Williams; Matt Wright; Duncan Yellowlees.

All of these people have collectively made this a much better book than I could have produced by myself. Of course, any errors or omissions in the final text remain solely my responsibility.


Hook Your Audience (volume 1) Copyright © 2021 by HOOK training limited. All Rights Reserved.

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